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June 15, 2024

Reimagining Early Education

…agenda of their own, it has mostly started (and ended) with two time-tested responses: deregulation and tax cuts. Now, cutting red tape and taxes are reasonable places to start. Government…

June 13, 2024

The Family-to-Prison-or-College Pipeline: Married Fathers and Young Men’s Transition to Adulthood

…more likely to spend any time in jail or prison compared to young women by the time they turn about 30, according to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (1997). The bottom…

June 13, 2024

Why Married Fathers Matter

…requisite “time, engagement, involvement, closeness, and so on.” Good fathering can take place in or outside of an intact, married home. “There is no residency requirement for good fatherhood,” Reeves contends….

June 13, 2024

A Deal to Trump Student Loans

…For a long time, the Republican stance on student loans was to “increase them just like the Democrats want, except a little bit less than the Democrats want.” We can’t…

June 7, 2024

An Epidemic of Loneliness in the Age of Boundaries

…front lawn; it’s sad she got shot, but she pulled into a stranger’s driveway. Yes, boundaries are necessary. Yes, in some times and in some places, boundaries are too few,…

June 6, 2024

How New Graduates Can Thrive in a Workplace Dominated by AI

…oversaw Operation Overlord, the largest and most complex amphibious landing in history. How could the intricate plans and timetables required to pull off Normandy be useless? Is he saying he would have been just as…

May 31, 2024

ACS Has Lost the Plot

…safety and everything to do with making abusive parents feel better about themselves. The word “protection” appears six times, while the word “support” appears 39 times. ACS notes that it…

May 30, 2024

Building a High Tech Workforce for the Future

…tightening in demand for computer science (CS) degrees increased anxiety among CS students and workers. As the New York Times reported, internships—on-ramps to job opportunities at major high-tech firms—are fewer…

May 30, 2024

The Contradictions in Democrats’ Child Tax Credit Expansion Promises

…a “tax cut” 15 times. In reality, the policy was so tilted toward benefit increases it turned the IRS—America’s tax collection agency—into our country’s biggest welfare dispenser. Why are policymakers so eager to cast benefit…

May 29, 2024

Liberals Should Decide Whether Being a Homemaker Is Demeaning or Worthy of Huge New Government Benefits

…also echo the widely-repeated warning that no one at the end of life wishes they had spent more time at the office. Meanwhile, few critics seem aware that liberal lawmakers have…