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Perspectives on Opportunity

Welcome to the Perspectives on Opportunity Series

AEI’s Perspectives on Opportunity is a policy report series published by the Center on Opportunity and Social Mobility (COSM). Contributions to this series include empirical and theoretical analysis of issues related to opportunity in the United States and evidence-based policy proposals to expand opportunity, promote upward mobility, and strengthen social capital. COSM Deputy Director Kevin Corinth is the editor of Perspectives on Opportunity.

2024 Contributions

By Brent Orrell | David Veldran

The Value of a Bachelor's Degree

January 29, 2024

Despite declining public confidence in higher education, the bachelor’s degree continues to have great economic and noneconomic value; it’s time to reframe the discussion around it.

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By Matt Weidinger

Small-Dollar Demonstration Projects Can’t Hide That A National Guaranteed Income Program Would Cost Trillions

January 12, 2024

While some have declared that short-term guaranteed income demonstrations (patterned on universal basic income schemes) are working almost universally, such cheerleading misses a major drawback: the enormous costs that would arise if such programs operated at a national level, as proponents intend.

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Dynamics of Families After a Nonmarital Birth

January 8, 2024

Even after a nonmarital birth, reaching milestones in the success sequence corresponds with dramatically lower poverty rates.

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2023 Contributions

By Howard Husock

Blue-State Benefits: How Federal Grants Fail to Consider Population Shift

October 12, 2023

In this report, Howard Husock examines funding for the largest federal grant programs for 2020–22, focusing on grants-in-aid that do not fully adjust for population change.

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By Scott Winship | Jeremy Horpedahl


July 26, 2023

Conventional analyses indicate an increase in male earnings of 19 percent, without accounting for taxes, and an increase of 34 percent after taxes. For the broader group including all full-time workers, the after-tax increase was 53 percent.

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By Angela Rachidi | Thomas O’Rourke

Promoting Mobility Through SNAP: Toward Better Health and Employment Outcomes

May 01, 2023

SNAP reforms should focus on not only reducing hunger but also improving employment and nutrition.

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