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Unlocking the Future

Opportunity America

February 22, 2023

Editor’s Note: The following chapters are AEI scholars’ contributions to a report from Opportunity America’s working group on K-12 education.

The toll of the pandemic years is becoming clearer every day: devastating learning loss among the nation’s K-12 students. Parents are angry, voting for change and telling pollsters they want more control over their children’s schools. But on education, as on so many issues, there is no political consensus—no agreement about what needs to be done and no effective left-right coalition in place to drive reform.

A new collection of essays by leading education thinkers, Unlocking the Future: Toward a New Reform Agenda for K-12 Education, suggests some potential planks for a new approach. The authors are researchers, advocates and practitioners from across the political spectrum. But they agree as one on the need for change—bold, dramatic, far-reaching change to produce schools that work for the nation’s children.

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