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May 16, 2024

Critiquing Bastian (2022, 2023, 2024, and forthcoming):On Child Tax Credit Reform and the Sensitivity of Single Mothers to Work Incentives

Abstract In 2021, Congress passed and President Biden signed a major, but temporary, reform to the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Among other reforms to the credit, the American Rescue Plan…

May 14, 2024

Biden Can Follow FDR and Dump His VP

Almost exactly 80 years ago, a Democratic leader from the Bronx huddled privately with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As told in the powerful new book by historian David Roll, “Ascent…

May 14, 2024

Understanding Trends in Worker Pay over the Past 50 years

…the median worker has slowed, causing growth in the pay of the median worker to slow. The slowdown in median pay also reflects the particularly slow growth in pay among…

May 8, 2024

USDA Report Highlights Subjectivity of Food Insecurity Measure

…surprise that economically disadvantaged groups—such as American Indian, black and Hispanic Americans—reported substantially higher food insecurity rates than other racial and ethnic groups. For example, only 5.4 percent of Asian

May 6, 2024

How States and Communities Can Strengthen Marriages 

Family is the greatest source of social capital, providing the setting in which people grow, develop, and anchor their lives. Stable and healthy marriages are at the foundation of strong…

May 4, 2024

Make Parents Pay for Kids Who Miss School To Curb Chronic School Absenteeism

…enrollment by 25%” per the National Bureau of Economic Research.  Learnfare is the law today in liberal Massachusetts, which shows that such an approach does not have to be draconian. Chronic…

April 30, 2024

I’m a Conservative But Defunding NPR Is a Mistake. What Should Happen Instead Might Be Surprising

…be the vehicle for voices from across the country – Christian conservatives as well as progressives, local elected officials as well as Rep. Adam Schiff—engaged in the issues affecting their…

April 23, 2024

Awkward Truth: Subsidizing Women’s Work Drives Down Birthrates

…popular in Europe and the U.S. for the first 20 years of this century: If we support women working, then they will have more children. A headline in the Guardian declared: “France’s…

April 22, 2024

John Silber, the Campuses Have Need of You

…on the West Bank. It singles out Caterpillar for selling equipment to Israel said to be used to demolish Palestinian homes; disable water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure; destroy or uproot…

April 19, 2024

The New Deal’s Failed Kibbutz in the Desert

At the height of the New Deal, with the Social Security Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Civilian Conservation Corps already enacted, the Roosevelt Administration’s Farm Security Administration…