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June 18, 2024

Answering Key Questions About Unemployment Insurance Reforms

…event of a layoff. A January 2024 report I coauthored with Amy Simon breaks down the respective federal and state roles: “The federal role in the UI program includes providing…

April 29, 2024

New “Scorecard” Report Promotes Better Use of Data to Prevent Unemployment Fraud

Criminals inflicted unprecedented fraud on taxpayer benefits during the pandemic, and some of the most abused programs were those that provided temporary federal unemployment benefits. As we documented in a…

April 29, 2024

Measuring What Matters: Context and Recommendations to Improve Reporting on Unemployment Insurance

Key Points This report explores the unemployment insurance system’s current data and performance management practices, including features designed to inform policymakers and the public about deficiencies in the administration of…

March 6, 2024

Caitlin Clark and Civil Society

…Moines”—her hometown. Iowa has been for women’s basketball what the overall game as been in Indiana: another original tradition born in civil society.  As Amy Lifson has written for the National…

February 9, 2024

Resolving to Learn Lessons from Record Pandemic Fraud

Congress doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, but if it did, digesting our new report on pandemic fraud would be a good one. Released last week, the new report (“Pandemic Unemployment Fraud in…

January 29, 2024

Pandemic Unemployment Fraud in Context: Causes, Costs, and Solutions

Key Points The nation’s unemployment benefits system, which was significantly expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic, suffered unprecedented losses to fraud and improper payments.  Official—and still partial—estimates of improper payments approach…

September 29, 2023

Solutions to Reduce Government Improper Payments Involving Unemployment Benefits

Overview The coronavirus pandemic tested the nation’s unemployment benefits system more than any prior recession. Not only did far more individuals file claims for weekly benefits than ever before, but…

August 3, 2023

Philanthropists Discover the Value of “Sunsetting”

…those issues.” Traditionally, sunsetting a foundation has appealed to more conservative donors. Bill Simon, Jr., who manages the Simon Foundation along with his six siblings, says that his late father…

July 21, 2023

Why Freedom Conservatism Matters

…has influenced the Trump administration (if not Trump the man) as well as Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Add businessman Vivek Ramaswamy to the mix, and candidates who reflect National Conservative…

July 17, 2023

Biden Tries to Revive His Eviction Moratorium Through the Back Door

…the lengthy eviction ban in the Covid era. What’s more, thoughtful social policy should reflect an understanding that the threat of eviction — rather than being the sword of Simon