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May 6, 2024

How States and Communities Can Strengthen Marriages 

Family is the greatest source of social capital, providing the setting in which people grow, develop, and anchor their lives. Stable and healthy marriages are at the foundation of strong…

March 14, 2024

The Chipping Away at Safe Haven Laws

Ryan Hanlon, who heads the National Council for Adoption, told me, “Without additional information, why would we act to disrupt the decision the mother made in placing her child as…

March 11, 2024

How Many Forms of “Wage Insurance” Do We Need, Exactly?

…Scott Winship, “A Safety Net for the Future: Overcoming the Root Causes of Poverty,” in American Renewal, ed. Paul Ryan and Angela Rachidi. Consider just some of the major social…

March 6, 2024

College or Trade School? How About Both?

…premiums that previous generations enjoyed. Further, as economist Bryan Caplan has pointed out, the value of a degree is back-loaded, with almost all of the economic returns concentrated in the final year of…

February 7, 2024

Elite Colleges Need to Offer Less Affirmation. And Insist on More Work.

…arrive, however, they hunt for professors with low expectations,” George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan noted in The Case Against Education. We need to reset expectations and incentives for students and…

February 5, 2024

Why We All Rely On the Organized Kindness of Strangers

…to their communities. . “The average American doesn’t realize all the things that churches do to make society less awful,” pastor and political scientist Ryan Burge, a professor at Eastern…

September 19, 2023

House Budget Plan Proposes Commonsense Welfare Changes

…Rachidi and former House Speaker Paul Ryan, was released last fall. A chapter in that volume authored by Rachidi, Scott Winship, and one of us (Matt Weidinger), titled “A Safety Net for the Future: Overcoming the…

September 13, 2023

American Dreamers

…head of domestic policy, Ryan Streeter, discussed his research on supporting economic dynamism across the country. Other AEI presentations focused on how people, technology, and skills are reshaping workforce development, sharing…

August 1, 2023

How the Middle Class Is Faring: My Long-Read Q&A with Jeremy Horpedahl

…that’s something that psychologists have identified. Economists have picked up on that Bryan Caplan in his book uses that as one of the biases that might drive people’s political decision-making….

May 26, 2023

The Power of the Success Sequence

…of wedlock and if they take responsibility for that child—even if they don’t—that’s going to generally impair their progress.” Similarly, Bryan Caplan commented that the causation between the success sequence…