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May 15, 2024

The American heart is closing to marriage and family. Can red states change that?

…decline of 6% over the same time frame. Efforts such as these are important because research carried out with my colleague Nicholas Zill indicates that “Florida counties that enjoy strong and stable…

March 21, 2024

Why Foster Kids Aren’t Getting the Mental Health Care They need

…light on what is happening. According to the report, “Families Matter to Kids’ Mental Health” by Nicholas Zill, there are about 8 million children in the U.S. who need psychiatric…

March 6, 2024

Caitlin Clark and Civil Society

…have been referring to something bigger: the tradition—and culture—of basketball in Indiana. It’s a history rooted in 1891 Springfield, Mass. YMCA visit, when a Crawfordsville, Indiana minister named Nicholas Wade…

January 25, 2024

On the Front Porch with Brent Orrell and Tony Pipa: A Conversation with Nicholas F. Jacobs

…Mr. Orrell and Mr. Pipa spoke with Nicholas F. Jacobs, the author of The Rural Voter: The Politics of Place and the Disuniting of America, a recent book that examines the state of politics in rural America….

January 9, 2024

Post-Pandemic Recovery for America’s Prime Age Labor Force: A Tale of Two Sexes

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “monthly jobs report” last Friday closed the book on 2023, recording a continuing expansion of both labor supply and paid work in America last…

September 25, 2023

As NYC Reels from Fentanyl Day Care Tragedy, Child Care Overdoses Are More Common Than We Think

“He had so much love,” Zoila Dominici said of her 1-year-old son Nicholas who died last week from fentanyl exposure after his home-based day care in The Bronx, Divino Nino, was found to…

September 20, 2023

Do Two Parents Matter More Than Ever?

…recent analysis by Nicholas Zill and Brad Wilcox found that “rates of school contact for student misbehavior are nearly twice as high among students living with separated or divorced parents…

September 6, 2023

Working from Home Has Increased More Modestly Than Many Believe

…percent given by the SWAA—just over half as large. In conversation over email, WFH Research’s Nicholas Bloom and Steven Davis indicated that they do not believe the ACS provides a…

July 27, 2023

Time to Do Something About the NILFs

…with “deaths of despair,” incarceration, and single parenthood. As Nicholas Eberstadt has documented, men who are “not in the labor force” (NILF) are alarmingly disengaged from others and overly self-focused. According to federal time-use surveys, NILFs do very…

July 25, 2023

Why Is Economic Growth Good?

…wellbeing,” economist Nicholas Oulton writes: GDP has always been a measure of output, not of welfare. But although GDP is not a measure of human welfare, it can be considered…