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October 23, 2023

A Carbon Tax to Finance Child Tax Credit Expansion

A carbon tax is considered by most economists to be the most efficient and effective way to reduce carbon emissions. However, a long-standing political challenge to a carbon tax is the perception that it would disproportionately burden low- and middle-income households relative to high-income households. Many analysts and lawmakers have proposed using carbon tax revenues…

September 19, 2023

Senator Tim Scott’s New Plan to Cut Taxes

Senator and Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott (R-SC) released a new economic plan this week. The plan addresses issues such as the national debt, federal spending, trade, and the economy. The plan includes several significant tax policies. His plan focuses on cutting taxes for both individuals and businesses and argues that this would grow the economy. The…

September 5, 2023

Trump’s Tariffs Won’t Address the Trade Deficit

Last month, the Washington Post reported that former president Donald Trump plans to enact a 10 percent tariff on all imports if reelected. After facing sharp criticism, Trump defended his proposal in a letter to the Wall Street Journal. He argued that the trade deficit is a “loss” for the US economy and that his tariffs would be the “best way” to…

September 12, 2022

Section 199A and “Tax Parity”

Key Points Read the PDF. Executive Summary In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a new deduction for business income: Section 199A. This provision allows taxpayers to deduct up to 20 percent of qualifying business income against their taxable income and provides a special tax benefit for “pass-through” businesses—those not subject to the…