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January 12, 2024

What is the Utah “Family Miracle”?

…social institution, marriage, attractive and attainable to the men and women of the Beehive State. Which is why I am back in town. Brad Wilcox is professor of sociology and…

November 27, 2023

For kids, marriage still matters

…by promoting the success sequence. Utah’s youth deserve to know this proven pathway to a better life. Brad Wilcox, a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia and director…

September 20, 2023

Do Two Parents Matter More Than Ever?

…1996; W. Bradford Wilcox and Kathleen Kovner Kline. Gender and Parenthood. New York: Columbia University Press, 2013. 11. Adam Blandin and Christopher Herrington, “Family Heterogeneity, Human Capital Investment, and College Attainment,” American Economic…

January 7, 2023

Personal Responsibility, Not Victimhood, Is the Path to Success

…success. Wendy Wang is the director of research at the Institute for Family Studies. Brad Wilcox is a professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, a nonresident senior fellow at the…